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  • This elegant ring features a stunning faceted rutilated quartz that displays beautiful golden rutile needles in its interior. The silver bezel around the stone is crafted from fine silver, while the wider band of the ring is lightly hammered to give a beautiful sparkly texture.


    We use natural stones that are cut and faceted by hand and therefore they are not always perfectly shaped. We see great beauty in slight imperfections, because just like it is in nature – nothing is perfect. Each stone is completely unique and there will be no other like it in shape or colour which makes each piece of Aktaie jewellery one of a kind.

    Sea Rutilated Quartz Ring

      • Crafted from Sterling silver
      • Features an irregular shaped faceted gold rutile quartz
      • The band of the ring is lightly hammered to create small facets which reflect the light beautifully
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