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North Sea Waves


The idea behind Aktaie was born during our long beach walks along the shores of the North Sea in Norfolk, UK.  Watching the waves, I could not help but admire the fluidity of their movement and cleanliness of lines as they move towards the shore before curling and finally breaking.  The waves would often bring beautiful stones such as sardonyx, smoky quartz and carnelian that were shaped and tumbled by the ocean over many years making them smooth and rounded. There was such beauty in those natural stones and their flawed shapes that it inspired me to create jewellery that is simple and sophisticated, jewellery that is perfectly imperfect, create designs where nothing detracts from the beauty of the stone, designs reminiscing of shapes and lines found in nature.


Name Aktaie was not chosen by chance. Being one of the fifty Neireids, Aktaie is the Greek goddess of the seashore, it seemed like Aktaie herself gifted me the idea that has inspired the creation of the brand.


Most of our stones come from India, where in Jaipur the lovely husband and wife cut and facet gems by hand. I see great beauty in slight imperfections and variations in colour, because just like it is in nature – nothing is ever absolutely perfect. All the pieces are handmade by me in my studio in Norfolk.  The gemstones I use are completely unique and there will be no other like it in shape, size or colour which makes each Aktaie piece one of a kind.

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